M.Arconti Specializing in construction services circa 1990
                  M.ArcontiSpecializing in construction services                  circa 1990 

Cut Hut Rental + Noise Control

You can rely on MARCONTI to help mitigate the dust and noise at your job site. We can help with remodel projects as well as large construction sites:

  • On site inspection
  • Noise meter readings before & after
  • Site logistics
  • Cut Hut Rental
  • Sound partition rental
  • On site consult
  • Portable-potty partition rental-This is a screen for hidding the porto-potty. Often the potty's are next to the front door or in view for all to see! (Please check back for photo.)
  • Product testing for construction related products. We have many different ways of testing new products that are meant for the trades. We have 50 + years of knowledge and can test for durability, ease and practicality on a construction site. Many new products have not been tested well by people in the business before going to full production. We can save you money, by testing the item before ordering large quantites.

Glass Graffiti Removal

Did you know?

  • Most surface damage can be removed from any type of glass and mirrors, even acid etching and hard water stains!
  • Leaving graffiti on glass or other surfaces lowers property values; buildings with graffiti will have on average a 15% lower closing price and lower lease price even if owners remove, "if rented" or "if sold".
  • Allowing graffiti to stay will encourage other tagging to the same storefront AND stores adjacent to them.
  • Glass graffiti removal  that has been done poorly or has caused distortion can be fixed.
  • Tourists notice graffiti: "When I see graffiti on glass at a restaurant, it looks like the owner does not care or is a target of gangs, but still wants me to pay twelve dollars for a glass of wine!"
  • The cost for glass graffiti removal is 20-30% of replacement or less. (price point on average is $200.00)
  • Our city has a three day removal ordinance on graffiti.
  • If you call for a portal visit, we can do a small sectoin, prior to commitment for free!

No appointments are necessary for a consultation, you may email a picture or an address here so we can come and asess the damage. After we have made a consultation we will call you and discuss service fees. 


Pictures of glass graffiti:

Harbor Seal

 Harbor Seal is a leading tile and stone sealing company in Santa Barbara, California. We have been in business 22 years, specializing in old world finishes, concrete staining and polishing, and natural finishes. Harbor Seal works with many materials, including marble, saltillo tile, flagstone, terracotta pavers, limestone, granite, some hard woods, concrete,travertine, slate, terrazzo, just to name a few! We are also highly skilled in restoration projects, including repairs.


Harbor Seal is a owner-operator business and can easily manage any size job. We use many different combinations of sealers, stains and waxes from all over the world, as well as many eco-safe products.



We are accustomed to working with time-sensitive projects, Santa Barbara style custom homes, green projects, commercial and state run projects, and remodels of all types.



You can count on us to pay tremendous attention to details, prep, and in the end, trust that we will provide the utmost level of customer satisfaction.

Harbor Seal Portfolio

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