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Hello, my name is Michelle Arconti I started Harbor Seal in 1989 we provide tile sealing, concrete staining, old world finishes and waterproofing in the Santa Barbara area.  In 2010, with husband, Michael Gordon, we added dust & noise abatement services and glass graffiti removal. Please read below and check out the service tab for more information. Thank you for visiting www.marconti.com.


Dust & noise abatement starts when owners/developers apply for their Land Use Permit. The Cut Hut is a dust and noise containment unit that can be used by stonecutters and other dust and noise creating trades. The Hut's purpose is to increase worker safety, lessen construction noise and contain the very fine dust particles common in the construction workplace. The Cut Hut provides a safer environment for workers, supresses the dust clouds and noise that can often annoy neighbors and negativily impact the environment.


 OSHA  has classified that dust particles less than 5 microns in size  as "respirable dust" that will penetrate into the gas exchange region of the lungs. Silica and wood dust are known carcinogens that can enter the lungs.


Today, construction workers routinely breathe in dust particles, 5 microns or less in an average working day*.


It is possible that the next wave of class action lawsuits could be caused by the cancer causing particles associated with construction work. Mesothelioma is one such form of cancer, caused by asbestos exposure, that has been generating lawsuits since the 1960's. Stone cutters and other construction workers need protection from occupational health issues. We feel the Cut Hut provides a better working atmosphere and has the added benefit of protecting the surrounding enviorment.


If you are interested in having the Cut Hut on your job site or a dust & noise consultation, we are in need of onsite testing in order to work towards our OSHA certification.


Watch the video below for current worker conditions.


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